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Assess Your Core Provider's Service: Question 4 - Technology Costs

assess core provider service question 4

Continuing with the last question of Assessing Your Core Provider's Service, we take a look at technology costs and we have to ask:

If your bank needed major technology updates and/or contract addendums, did your provider cut you a break on the costs? 

The impact of COVID-19 has caused many of us to rethink how we do business in order to overcome the “new normal’s” ongoing challenges. Whether you need to overhaul your bank's technology or simply add a new product or service, your current core provider should be flexible, understand your situation, and be able to serve your business without leaving a hole in your pocket. 

IBT Apps created the Banker Protection Program (BPP) to provide community banks with a more affordable core option that enables them to thrive, even when the future is unpredictable. Additionally, the BPP sets up community banks with a new core partnership that truly focuses on serving them and the communities they support. Learn more about the BPP. 


That's a wrap!


Did you complete the series of questions?

If not, read the first, second, and third questions to assess your core provider's service.

If yes, then based on your answers to all four questions, would you say your core provider put your business first in 2020 and will continue to do so? 

The pandemic's impact on banks has tested the relationship with a bank's core provider. If your core provider has failed at providing your bank with the service it needs, then it's time to explore your options. Make a change to a new core partner that will help you navigate the changing climate and provide you with the solutions that will position your bank for growth.

Let's talk about your needs for 2021.

There is simply too much on the line to continue battling the same technology challenges and level of service. Switch to a trusted core partner that focuses on your business. Contact us today.


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