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Assess Your Core Provider's Service: Question 3 - Technology Support

assess core provider service question 3

Continuing with question three of Assessing Your Core Provider's Service, we take a look at technology support. Your core provider may support you through the conversion, but do they provide maintenance post-conversion to make sure your system continues to run as it should? And what about your back-office technology? How is it being serviced? 

We have to ask:

Did your provider conduct proper technology maintenance to ensure your systems are current, secure, and compliant?

Technology in all forms requires maintenance and monitoring to run optimally at all times. On the surface, lagging, outdated systems create barriers for staff productivity and operational efficiently. Underneath the surface, these systems are much like a pressure valve that will eventually burst, often causing significant damage where a simple patch or quick fix are not options for resolution.

Your core provider may be performing routine maintenance on your core technology, but who's looking after your systems outside the core? Are you having to run IT in-house or through a third party?

Wouldn't it be better if there was one provider that managed it all? IBT Apps offers full-service Managed and Hosted Network Services that includes secure hosting and ongoing maintenance for your bank, with the addition of Microsoft 365 to bring your team up-to-date this year. With a reliable, secure, and compliant infrastructure in place, you don't have to worry if your back-office technology can continue to support your core or digital banking services. You also don't have to worry about those dreaded "what if" scenarios and can focus on running your business instead of running your IT department.


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