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Just Announced - IBT Apps Launches New UI in i2Suite® Platform

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The following article was previously published as a press release.

Cedar Park, Texas: IBT Apps, a leading-edge provider of adaptable core and digital banking software, is proud to announce the release of their newly designed user interface (UI) for their core banking technology platform, i2Suite®, designed to revolutionize the financial industry for community banks.

In response to the rapidly evolving financial landscape, IBT Apps has converted all of their core community banking clients onto their redesigned modern banking platform, setting a precedent for a seamless and simplified banking experience. This upgrade reaffirms the company’s commitment to serving community banks nationwide by continuously improving and innovating their products to adapt to today’s banking climate.

Compared to other core competitors in the market, the transition to the new UI comes at no cost to IBT Apps’ valued clients, making it a truly customer-centric move. Moreover, clients experience no downtime or interruptions, ensuring their operations remain smooth and uninterrupted.

"As a core partner, our role is to leverage technology that allows our clients to be competitive in their markets," says Mark Dittman, Chief Executive Officer, IBT Apps. "The right technology should be the priority when it achieves that goal. Technology is a tool; it is only when that tool is valuable to our clients that it truly matters."

With i2Suite, community banks can enjoy numerous features and benefits to move their business forward. For example, banks can seamlessly integrate the core with third-party applications of their choice through IBT Apps’ advanced open APIs, enabling them to expand their portfolio of offerings, elevate their competitive profile, and increase their revenue opportunities. i2Suite also helps facilitate secure customer communications by giving banks and their customers the ability to send and receive encrypted documentation, both in flight and at rest.

“By keeping current with the cloud-first approach, and partnering with Microsoft to leverage the Azure Cloud, we can leverage open APIs within core," says Dittman. "The scale of Azure, coupled with open APIs, speeds delivery of mainstream products available today, while supporting products yet to be conceived. All of this is achieved while providing encryption of the banks’ data, 24 X 7 cyber and network security, and redundancy that is second to none."

Aside from the advantage of generating new business in a secure platform, banks can also look forward to minimizing (if not eliminating) manual tasks and activities, and consolidating separate applications into one total solution. i2Suite cuts through the hard and soft costs that result from operating legacy systems and creates cost savings from streamlining end-to-end business processes, optimizing productivity, and driving operational efficiencies.

"Today's launch marks a significant milestone for IBT Apps and our clients," said Chuck Capel, Chief Technology Officer, IBT Apps. "We firmly believe that this new UI will not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our current and future clients, driving positive outcomes for both their bank and the customers they serve."

This innovative move serves as a testament to IBT Apps unwavering dedication to providing customer-focused service and support. More importantly, this UI gives back control to banks, so they can grow and scale their businesses how they want, when they want. The new i2suite is available now. For more information about IBT Apps’ i2Suite core platform and how it can benefit your business, please visit

About IBT Apps:

IBT Apps® is an empowering core partner to community banks nationwide, offering end-to-end core and digital banking solutions that meet today’s customer demands. Their adaptable i2Suite banking system enables your bank to streamline operations, control costs, and mitigate risks. Learn what it feels like to transform your bank and move your business forward with the power of one total solution.

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