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Assess Your Core Provider's Service: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

assess core provider service

2020 brought its set of challenges to community banks nationwide, causing many banks like yours to rely on their core technology more than ever before. Did your core provider support your bank when you needed them the most? Before you answer, ask yourself the following questions:

Ask These Questions to Assess Your Core Provider's Service

Question 1: If you needed urgent software enhancements to meet demand, did your provider respond and deliver as expected? 

In many areas, COVID-19 restrictions limited capacity within the bank, creating challenges for both bankers and customers alike since many services require face-to-face interaction. Many smaller banks without digital banking services may have felt the impact the hardest causing some bankers to start requesting enhancements and additions from their core provider. If you were one of these bankers, was your core provider able to respond to your requests and deliver in a timely fashion?

For Gilmer National Bank, the answer was "no." After 30 years of working with their legacy core provider, Gilmer National Bank needed to expand their offerings with online banking, debit card solutions, and remote deposit capture. They found themselves needing to move fast as they were in danger of losing a very large customer simply because they did not have remote deposit capture available. 

When discussing the product with their standing provider, they found that it carried an excessive cost and wouldn’t be delivered in a timely manner, so they reached out to IBT Apps, and even before signing an agreement, they were able to get their remote capture system installed within a week.

Gilmer signed on to receive a complete core system, cutting edge online, mobile, and bill pay products, and integrated banking solutions with third-party providers. They also secured a trusted core partnership that would be able to evolve their core technology as the industry changes and be able to serve the bank the way they serve own community. 


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