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Ebook - How Core Technology is Changing Community Banking

ebook - changing the banking environment

In order to thrive in today's climate, a community bank must shift its business strategy and advance their core technology. Download our latest ebook on How Core Technology is Changing the Community Banking Environment and learn about the developments and benefits of modern core technology and where to start when your business joins the road to innovation.

Need to see what's inside? Read the ebook summary and see the table of contents below.


If we learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that for banks to thrive during these times, they must have the right core technology in place and have the opportunity to digitize their operation at will, both internally and externally. However, many banks are struggling to move to digital solutions due to the expense and overwhelming time commitment needed to bring on new products. There are many benefits and returns for your business when you take the time to evaluate your core partnership and embrace the benefits of modern core technology that could revolutionize the way you do banking.

In our e-book, we discuss the state of digital adoption in the industry, highlight the benefits of modernizing your core using digital products, and provide an overview of the innovations in core technology that are changing the environment. 

What's Inside

  • Introduction
  • An Industry Slow to Change, With a Lot to Lose
  • Case Study: Gilmer National Bank
  • Technology Costs vs. Benefits
  • Core Technology Developments That May Influence Your Decision
  • A Core Partner With a Complete Technology Solution

Get Your Copy

Learn why it’s critical to modernize your bank’s technology and where to start when your bank is ready to make a change. Download your free ebook now.

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