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Transform Your Bank with the Core Technology Survival Kit

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As we move farther away from pandemic times and bankers strive to expand their business, many financial institutions are still grappling with outdated core systems and unreliable vendors. In today's competitive landscape, it's essential for banks to have modern core technology and a dependable core partner to succeed. But how can you secure both of these crucial components? And is a complete overhaul necessary to thrive in community banking? Our solution lies in the new core technology survival kit tailored for community bankers. This comprehensive resource offers insights into modern core banking technology, guidance on evaluating your current core service, and strategies for propelling your business forward. Whether or not investing in a new core system is a short-term goal, this kit provides valuable recommendations to steer your bank in a positive direction.

What's Inside the Core Technology Kit

  • The ebook - Is a Core Transformation the Best Thing for Your Bank? The ebook defines modern core technology, its benefits, challenges, and highlights strategies for updating your system. Just want the ebook? Download it here!
  • A PDF checklist - How to Find the Right Core Partner. The checklist defines the characteristics of modern core technology and a trusted core partner.
  • An article - Signs You Need to Fire Your Core Provider. This article helps you identify if it's time to switch core providers.
  • The infographic - How to Say Goodbye to Your Core Provider. This infographic provides guidance for terminating or not renewing your core contract.

How to Access the Kit

Visit the home of the core technology survival kit and let us know you're interested. We'll send you the kit via email shortly after we receive your request. 


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