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Cut the Bull w/ Core Banking Technology - An Ebook for Community Banks

modern core banking misconceptions

Misconceptions and negative experiences often dissuade community bankers from giving modern core banking technology a chance. What bankers don't realize is that continuing to pass on new solutions prevents them from growing their business and causes them to fall behind the competition.

Download our latest ebook on Debunking Common Misconceptions About Modern Core Banking Technology to learn the truth behind core technology and the providers in the industry. If you're looking for a piece that cuts the bull and sets the record straight, this ebook is for you.

Need to see what's inside? Read the ebook summary and preview the contents below.


Modern core technology gets a bad rap. Many bankers believe it’s too expensive and resource intensive. They don’t see the benefits and returns to justify the investment. Others have had a negative experience with their core provider that any talks of upgrading their core technology is out of the question. 

Because of many misconceptions and experiences, the thought of having modern banking technology solutions is deprioritized or put to bed, which only creates a disservice for a bank trying to grow their business. Not only that, but there’s an evolution happening in core banking technology with more competition entering the industry. Banks that don't embrace this innovative climate will only fall behind the curve and risk losing their customers that are looking for newer and better solutions.  

With too much at stake, it's time to consider giving modern core technology another chance. In this ebook, we identify some of the most common misconceptions about core banking technology and discuss why they’re just bull. Additionally, we provide truths and transparency to set the record straight on core technology and core vendors. If you’re hesitant about upgrading your core technology; have a love/hate relationship with your core provider; or are on the verge of searching for a new core solution, but are overwhelmed by the options or the conversion process, you’ll find significant value in what you’re about to read in this ebook.

What's Inside

  • Introduction
  • 7 Misconceptions and Truths About Modern Core Technology
  • What to Look For in the Right Core Technology and Core Partner
  • What to Do When You're Ready to Move Forward

Get Your Copy

Read the misconceptions that are holding your bank back from success and learn the truths that will encourage you to give modern core technology another chance.  Download your free ebook now.


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