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Assess & Evaluate Your Core Provider With IBT Apps' Free Tools

assess and evaluate core provider tools

Your bank makes a significant investment into its core technology, so every year it's critical to reflect on your core provider's level of service and recognize if your bank is being served the way it should. And if you'll be considering a new core provider in the future, you need to know how to effectively vet them to ensure you onboard a true core partnership.

Because these two areas (assessing and evaluating) are essential to fulfill for your bank's success, we tend to share a lot of best practices and helpful tips. In fact, we previously posted an article on assessing your core provider's service to review your core's performance over the last year. And now, on top of providing ideas ideas and concepts, we're offering some valuable, free tools for you to dig deep into the core assessment and evaluation process. Check them out below.

To Assess Existing Core Providers

Take the IBT Apps Core Provider Assessment

How do you know if your core provider is doing a great job at servicing your bank or if it’s time to explore other options? Take our 5-minute core assessment online to find out. Divided into four specific areas of service, this assessment allows you to dig deep and see if your core is measuring up to today’s expectations. Once you complete the assessment, you receive your score automatically and recommendations via email.

Score your core. Start the assessment now.

Take the Assessment


To Evaluate New Ones

Try the Checklist For Evaluating New Core Providers.

To help you evaluate and select the right core partner, use our free checklist to identify the characteristics that your core provider (and their technology) should have before moving forward. Whether you're just starting your search for a new provider or need help narrowing down your options, this checklist will serve you well.

Find your match. Download the checklist.

Printable PDF

Digital PDF


A core provider that works in your bank's best interest, no matter the climate, can be challenging to find. But when you use the above tools, the assessment and evaluation processes can be easier to navigate.

Spend some time trying them out and find the value that we think you will.

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