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New IBT Apps' Partnerships Introduce a Triple Threat in Online Banking

If you’re like many bankers, you’re looking for the golden goose to help grow your business this year. The good news is that with IBT Apps’ newest partnerships and their newly released i2DepositSM account origination product, you’re able to do that and more.

Meet the Triple Threat in Online Banking.

IBT Apps is proud to partner with Compliance Systems and MK Decision to offer banks the ability to open new accounts in branch or online using our signature i2Deposit product, which is hosted in i2Suite®, IBT Apps’ total banking solution. With this offering, your bank can effectively and securely onboard new clients. Additionally, this partnership enables your bank to expand its portfolio and deliver innovative products to meet customer demand in the next normal.

“We are thrilled to partner with both MK Decision and Compliance Systems to deliver a powerful offering like i2Deposit account origination,” says Mark Dittman, CEO at IBT Apps. “This product gives banks the competitive edge they need to level the playing field, safeguards banks from risk when fulfilling deposit and IRA transactions, and is able to be delivered in as little as six months, a 25 to 50 percent increase on ROA, compared to most core providers.”

The Power of i2DepositSM Account Origination Online

Community banks utilizing IBT Apps’ digital banking services can simplify the onboarding process by having users log in to their online banking mobile app and open a new account with MK Decision’s mobile-first Checkout. Once approved, bankers can leverage MK Decision’s CoreConnect to send applications directly to their IBT Apps core for automated account creation. This cuts processing time by 50 percent with real-time identity verification, dynamically generated account agreements, and faster account funding.

With these integrated products, bank staff will enjoy accessing a single, data driven platform to assemble accurate deposit and IRA accounts, providing a seamless backend experience. Additionally, with the Compliance Systems’ integration, paperless documentation forms are populated within i2Deposit, which means bank staff can take the stress out of having the right forms per account type and no longer have to worry about managing massive files or storing unnecessary documentation. Plus – it’s all covered under the best compliance warranty in the industry!

The Right Partnerships Change Your Business for the Better

“Since last year, there has been a significant demand for innovation in the community banking space, but it’s more than just shiny tools that will help grow a business. Banks are looking for products that will satisfy customers’ needs and propel them forward in the industry, while also helping them stay compliant with regulators,” says Dittman.

This three-pronged approach of customer satisfaction, business growth, and compliance is possible when community banks have the right provider and partners by their side. As part of IBT Apps’ value proposition, we work with technology partners that share the same passion to help community banks flourish by providing innovative, affordable solutions that meet the fintech industry’s regulatory standards. Our new partnership with Compliance Systems and MK Decision will truly benefit bankers in their ability to better serve their communities.

A Complete Solution Your Bank and Customers Will Enjoy

Experience the growth you’ve always wanted with account origination done right using IBT app’s total banking solution. Your staff will appreciate working in a safer, efficient, cost-effective system. And your customers will be over the moon with your bank’s new product and service offerings. Delivering faster service, while growing your business has never been easier!

Take a look at the Compliance Systems and MK Decision press releases online to learn more about our partnership. Connect with us to discuss the power of one total solution and the opportunities available for your bank. Interesting in seeing how it all works? Sign up to schedule a demo of i2Suite and our recent integrations and we’ll connect with you soon.


Interested in seeing how it works?

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