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IBT Apps Transforms Loan Origination With New SecureLEND Solution

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This post was previously published as a press release.

Cedar Park, Texas: IBT Apps, a leading-edge provider of adaptable core and digital banking software, is proud to launch SecureLEND℠, a cloud-based loan origination platform. This comprehensive solution is designed to modernize the loan origination process, offering an effortless user experience in-branch and online, all while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

SecureLEND streamlines lending from start to finish. Its highly configurable and customizable platform enables bankers to set their preferences and parameters for loan applications, verifications, credit approvals, and documentation upfront, all to minimize manual processing, cut delivery time, and decrease human intervention. A multi-day process can now be completed in a matter of minutes, and can include automatic approvals for loans that meet the bank’s requirements. This accelerated turnaround time will delight both individual and small business customers and help increase profitability for the bank.

“SecureLEND caters to the preferences and lifestyles of the bank's customers who want to manage their loan application and approval processes on their smartphones or tablets,” says Mark Dittman, Chief Executive Officer, IBT Apps. “The self-service approach allows borrowers to progress through the loan application and approval steps without the need for in-person visits, creating confidence in the technology and trust in the bank’s capabilities.”

Additionally, bankers will appreciate completing traditional activities such as credit retrievals, underwriting, and documentation all in one platform. “Having a powerful documentation integration like TruStage makes it possible for bankers to never have to leave the system,” says Dittman. “They simply stay in the SecureLEND platform and can dynamically generate the necessary legal and regulatory documents required for the loan applications, taking into account the borrower’s details and the specific loan product being applied for. This helps expedite the loan origination process and ensures that all necessary compliance requirements are met.”

SecureLEND is integrated with IBT Apps’ premier core platform, i2Suite, enabling bankers to create, update, and verify customer information while updating the core in real time. This not only boosts productivity, but it also minimizes human error, resulting in a more efficient, accurate, and reliable banking system. Moreover, this seamless core integration mitigates compliance risk, helping community banks meet and stay ahead of regulatory requirements and maintain a positive market reputation.

SecureLEND is available now. For more information, visit our website

About IBT Apps

IBT Apps is an empowering core partner to community banks nationwide, offering end-to-end core and digital banking solutions that meet the demands of today’s banking customers. Their adaptable i2Suite® banking system is equipped with a comprehensive suite of products that streamlines operations, controls cost, and mitigates risk. Learn what it feels like to transform your bank using one total solution, while promoting revenue growth and improving your customer’s experience. Contact us at

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