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Community Banking Success Starts at the Core

Community Banking Success

The success of a bank hinges largely on their relationship with their core partner. This is especially true for community bankers since the needs for each are specific to the demands of their business. For community bankers to retain market share in an ever-evolving market, it is essential for them to choose a core solution that is intuitive, and an active partner that is willing and able to do what they need to stay competitive.

Champion Bank is a small independent community bank in Parker, Colorado that stays competitive with larger banks because of their partnership with IBT Apps. When asked how the IBT Apps’ core solution and their partnership with her bank helps them stay competitive, Valerie Holden, Executive Vice President, shared, “When we bring in staff that are used to using the larger core systems, they’re surprised at IBT Apps’ ease of use. Recently, we were in need of loan maintenance training for our new employees and for current employees that needed a refresher. After voicing our need to the IBT Apps’ support team, they created a customized online training and we were able to get all our employees up to date, at no fee to us. This kind of partnership, that caters to our needs, is what helps us stay competitive.”  Holden also spoke on the exceptional support from the IBT Apps executives and team, “If faced with a product issue, all it takes is one phone call and we are able to connect directly to an IBT Apps support member. This ongoing support from IBT Apps is why we continue to be an extremely satisfied customer today.”

Mark Dittman, CEO, IBT Apps stated, “At IBT Apps, communication and adaptability to our clients’ needs are core values for our business. Our purpose is to defend community bankers from the restraints big box vendors inflict on them by overcharging and preventing them from integrating with the fintech vendors of their choice. By listening to our clients and embracing the fintech companies they need to integrate with, we lower costs and provide community bankers with the partnerships they need. We will continue to empower our clients through open integration and by building and offering ongoing training on our products at no cost to them.”

By providing a system that is adaptable to the needs of their clients and a partnership that is above the rest, IBT Apps continues to be a trusted core partner to community banks.

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