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Case Study: First National Bank, Eagle Lake, Texas

IBT Apps Case Study First National Bank

A one-stop shop experience using integrated technology and responsive service.


First National Bank of Eagle Lake can trace its history back to 1903. Displeased with their core provider of 28 years, the community bank wasn’t getting the support it deserved. Having signed into a 15-year contract, the bank had issues with developing and integrating new core technologies. Frustrated with being unable to grow their business, the bank made the switch to IBT Apps in 2015.


“We wanted a core provider that was a one-stop shop. We wanted to provide cutting-edge technology to our customers, but we only wanted to have to talk one vendor. IBT fit the bill.”

Leslie Sedlock, COO, First National Bank


In partnering with IBT, the community bank was able to offer:

  • A client-focused experience, where the bank could offer all the latest technology to its customers, while using only one vendor.
  • Cutting-edge online, mobile, and bill-pay products that worked seamlessly with each other.
  • A single sign-on function, so that its customers did not have to memorize multiple usernames and passwords.
  • Integrated reporting for its employees that was easier to navigate.


Initially the change to IBT Apps was met with resistance by its long-time employees.

“But once our employees started using IBT, they realized it was so much better. We kept hearing, ‘I can get so much more done now,’” said Leslie Sedlock, First National’s COO. “It is nice to have products that work so seamlessly together. We've seen that we're able to get a lot more done and let the systems work for themselves.”

Customers appreciated the ease and convenience of single sign-on and bank employees appreciated that they no longer had to manually build customer profiles for online products.

And on the vendor side, responsiveness is no longer an issue. “We have met the people at IBT. When we give them a call, there is a 95% chance that whoever picks up the phone, we have met in person. That makes a big difference,” said Sedlock.

Conversion can be challenging, but IBT Apps can help guide you every step of the way with our dedicated support team. Contact us for details.

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