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Navigating the Fintech Noise - Ebook Overview

navigating the fintech noise

Modern banking technology – it’s all anyone ever talks about nowadays. It’s true that to keep up with your competitors and with the speed of technology change, your bank needs to start welcoming in new advancements in banking technology, especially if you’re still running a 30-year-old system. But updating or adding to your technology suite isn’t always that easy. There’s so much to consider before making a giant leap.

Our latest ebook will help you sift through all the fintech chatter about the latest and greatest developments, so you can decide what will truly benefit your business. Yes, you need to update your systems, but before you dive into all the possibilities, it’s critical to know what technology to consider, where to start, and who to trust in providing this technology service to your business. The ebook will help do all those things.

Download the ebook here or scroll down to browse the contents.

What's Inside Navigating the Fintech Noise: How to Select the Banking Technology for Your Business?

  • The Core Situation - In this section, we discuss the state of core banking technology. We share some of the results of the IBT Apps Core Assessment and shed some light (and stats) on the experience community bankers are having with their current core as well as third-party integrations.
  • Innovative Technologies to Consider - This is the meat of the ebook, covering open banking, online account origination, loan origination, dynamic reporting, and software integrations for the back office. There are ton of innovative technologies out there, but we discuss the ones that are worth exploring further.
  • Where to Start - Once you're ready to onboard new technology, you may need some guidance on where exactly to start. This section provides tips, including doing your research and involving key stakeholders in the decision-making process.
  • The Best Path Forward - We close out the ebook discussing the most important thing to consider when adding on new technology. Working with a core provider you can trust is critical. This section highlights what to look for in a provider that shares your goal for growing your business.

Ready to download the full ebook? Get your copy here and contact us to learn what banking technology options are right for your bank.

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