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IBT Apps & Verafin Partnership Helps Bankers Fight Financial Crime

financial crime management

The new partnership integrates Verafin's Financial Crime Management Solutions with IBT App's i2Suite® Banking System.

Part of IBT Apps' value proposition is working with technology partners that share our same passion—to help community banks flourish by providing innovative solutions at an affordable price.

With that said, we are proud to partner with Verafin to offer the industry's leading Financial Crime Management solutions to community banks nationwide.

Verafin's cloud-based software platform for Fraud Detection and Management, BSA/AML Compliance and Management, High-Risk Customer Management, and Information Sharing will integrate with IBT Apps' i2Suite® banking platform, enabling your bank to fight financial crime and maintain regulatory compliance.

Protect Your Business With One Banking Platform

i2Suite gives your bank a competitive edge with its adaptable core and digital banking technology, and has a proven record of streamlining operations, controlling costs, and mitigating risks. Having Verafin's suite of products integrated with i2Suite will help you proactively manage financial crime, while providing a seamless back-end experience for your bank's staff and easier accessibility using one system instead of multiple. 

"With cyber threats always evolving, we were looking for a solution that continued to build onto our robust layered defense,” says Mark Dittman, Chief Executive Officer at IBT Apps. By using AI to look at patterns of activity at the institutions they serve, Verafin’s cloud-based solution provides a much clearer picture of threats, a significant reduction in false positives, and improves the experience for all. Our partnership with Verafin will enhance our i2Suite platform and continue to provide our clients with the solutions they need to protect their banks, and their customers in this cyberworld," says Dittman. 

Learn More About Our Partnership & Solutions

If you're looking to grow your business and overcome the challenges with fraud detection, cybersecurity, and compliance, our new partnership with Verafin will greatly benefit your bank. Take a look at our options below to learn more about our partnership and solutions. 


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