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IBT Apps Offers Banker Protection Program Into the New Year

banker protection program

The impact of COVID-19 has caused many of us to rethink how we do business in order to overcome the “new normal’s” ongoing challenges. For a community bank to survive the uneven road ahead, it must ensure that its core technology can adapt to the ever-changing climate.

To assist community banks in looking for a core option that aligns with the bank’s new normal, without adding a heavy cost, IBT Apps has created the Banker Protection Program (BPP). The BPP opens up a new opportunity for an affordable core option. With help from the BPP, community banks will have the core technology that meets their expectations and enables them to thrive, even when the future is unpredictable. More importantly, community banks will get set up with a new core partnership that truly focuses on serving them and the communities they support long-term.

The Banker Protection Program

In times like these, there is simply too much at risk for community banks to continue using a core that limits them from advancing technology. A new core system may have been on the bank’s wish list, but due to the current pandemic, timing and the hefty price make it less desirable. However, these reasons shouldn’t be why a community bank decides against moving forward.

The Banker Protection Program gives your bank the financial assistance it needs to upgrade its core technology. After applying, our c-level team will be in touch to discuss the BPP program* further.

Through this program, your bank could receive:

  • A customized agreement that fits your "new normal" strategy
  • A complete virtual or in-person core technology conversion
  • Ongoing, responsive training and support post-conversion
  • All or partial technology fees waived up front**

 *An assessment will be conducted to determine program qualification.

**Waivers will be determined based on contract terms.


Ready to upgrade your bank's core technology? Start the conversation today and apply now to get the process started. 


The IBT Apps Core Partnership

The industry has changed, and there are many core vendors competing for your business that are filled with empty promises and unfair trade practices. With banking technology constantly evolving and the demand for service on the rise, you need to work with a core partner that delivers and puts your business first.

At IBT Apps, we focus on the three pillars of a core partnership. Service. Support. Delivery.


A core partner like IBT Apps develops the technology needed to adapt to the climate. Our products are always evolving to match the pace of ever-changing technology and industry demand, so you constantly benefit from a current and compliant system.


As the backbone of IBT Apps, the customer support team provides your bank with the proper training to use the tools and technology needed to continue serving your customers. One-on-one and virtual classroom training options are available during conversion. But the support doesn’t stop there. Even post-conversion, you can get the answers you need when you need them through on-demand webinars and ongoing training.  


Software enhancements make our products and services better for our clients. That’s why we strive for continuous improvement. Alongside the continuous development of our product suite, we allocate an additional 500 hours a quarter to client selected, software enhancements alone. As a client, you are invited to participate in the Client Advisory Board (C.A.B.), where your vote guides what software enhancements we develop and implement next. Any software products developed as a result of C.A.B. are offered back to our clients free of charge, a true benefit without having to pay for it.


Last year alone, IBT Apps delivered 100+ software enhancements

free of charge to our entire client base.


It’s Time to Upgrade Your Core Technology

Work with a core partner that delivers the service you expect, offers top notch benefits you won’t find elsewhere, and provides the technology you need during this critical time. Apply now for the Banker Protection Program and get the assistance you need to upgrade your core and deliver an optimal experience to your customers. 

Need more information? Read our FAQs on the BPP.









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