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What Is IBT Apps' Client Advisory Board Enhancement Program?

client advisory board

Many core providers may say they have a software enhancements program, but it often isn't guided and/or led by clients. For a program like this to be successful, it needs client involvement because, after all, clients are the ones using the products firsthand. 

Having a dedicated software enhancements program is one of IBT Apps’ top client benefits! Software enhancements make our products and services better for our clients and are proof that our offerings will never go stagnant. But we can’t execute this program alone; we need client feedback to guide it and a Client Advisory Board (C.A.B.) to lead it.

As an IBT Apps client, you’re invited to participate in this program, where your voice guides how, and what software enhancements we should develop and implement next. Once these products are completed, they are offered back to our clients free of charge, a true benefit without having to pay for it. 

How the C.A.B. Program Works

  1. The bank elects a representative to submit a software enhancement request to the client advisory board. A call for software requests is available every quarter.
  2. The Board extensively reviews and selects a list of enhancements (from those submitted) that will be sent back out to the banks for voting. (Every bank gets the same number of votes regardless of their size.)
  3. The winning votes are executed by IBT Apps' development team and delivered to the client base free of charge. (We dedicate 500+ hours quarterly to these software enhancements. However, depending on the resources and hours needed, software enhancements can take up to a year to be completed.)

How to Participate

Just by being a client, you’re automatically a part of C.A.B.! You can play different roles to participate in C.A.B., from discussing enhancements with your team proactively, to serving as a representative that sends in enhancement requests to the Board during the open call, to supporting your fellow bankers by serving on the Board itself. Open Board positions are announced and nominations are made every year!

If you are an IBT Apps client and are already participating in C.A.B., we thank you! If you haven’t been active or are new to the IBT Apps client family, we encourage you to take advantage of this client benefit and participate today!

If you're not a client, not to worry! Talk to us about your technology needs and we'll work together to find your bank a solution. Plus - you'll get access to all of the perks, just for being a part of our client family.

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